Image ©Sarah Evenson 2016

Image ©Sarah Evenson 2016



“Kindle & Scorch” in North Dakota Quarterly

“Pinchbelly” in Puerto Del Sol

“Yes, Chemistry” in Loose Change

“A Very Devout Ornamentation” in Paragraphiti

“Charlie’s Kidney”, Winner of the 2015 Psychopomp Magazine Short Fiction Award, judged by Kate Bernheimer, in Psychopomp

“Nor Do They” in Two Serious Ladies

“Recompense” in NewerYork: The Electronic Encyclopedia of Experimental Literature

“A Baby Is a Dreadful Thing” in Cura

“Prayer” in DREGINALD

“Some of Us Had Been Sucking Our Friend Carrie” in Yalobusha Review

“My Husband Leroy” in failbetter

“All of Them Comely” and “A Landlord is an Act” in Your Impossible Voice

“If Mother, Huntress” in Birkensnake

“When Our Bodies” in The Collagist

“Loving Spinster,” Second Place Winner of the 2013 Utah Writers’ Contest, judged by Joanna Ruocco, in Western Humanities Review

“Apology for Brother” in Fringe

“We Act” in PANK

“Bigger” and “Pedaling” in Bluestem

“My House: Welcome: Go Away” in Specter

“The Tea Whale” in elimae

“Fall” in Essays and Fictions

“Dear Sonja” and “Were She Alive” in Sou’wester

“Household” in Cloudbank


"Our Deportment" in The Collagist

“Paruresis” in New Delta Review

“Immaculate Conception” in Grimoire

“Pleasures of the Flesh” in The Spectacle

“Scintilla” in Split Lip Magazine